Applies to ReadyAPI 2.8, last modified on August 16, 2019

The REST request toolbar contains the commands used to work with the API.

The available commands are:

Command Description
Method Dropdown Changes the HTTP method for the request.
Endpoint field Specifies the service endpoint URL. This should not be a full URL, only the URL of the target service without the resource URL or parameters.
Resource field Specifies the resource URL. You can also edit the field in the Resource editor.
Parameters field Click in the field to edit the query request parameter. We recommend using the Request editor instead.
Sends the request to the target URL and get a response.
Stops running the request and do not wait for a response.
Add to TestCase Adds the request to a test case as a REST Request test step.
Switches to the tab-based layout. In this mode, the request and response are displayed on separate tabs.
Specifies how to separate the request and response: vertically or horizontally.
Opens the online documentation.

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