Applies to ReadyAPI 2.7, last modified on May 14, 2019

You can use the request Attachments panel to add attachments to the current request or access them, if there are some.

The Attachments panel

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The added attachments are listed in the table:

Column Description
Name The filename of the attachment, relative to ResourceRoot. Property expansions can be used.
Content-Type The MIME content-type of the attachment.
Size Read-only. The size of the attached file.
Part The part this attachment should be associated with.
Type Read-only. The type of the attachment.
ContentID Overrides the ContentID value specified in the service definition.
Cached Indicates whether the attachment is cached in the project file.

You can manage the attachments with the panel toolbar:

The Attachments panel toolbar
Command Description
Add Adds a new file attachment.
Remove Removes the selected file attachment.

Attaches the selected file again.

Export Saves the attachment to a file.

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