Applies to ReadyAPI 2.5, last modified on October 22, 2018

By using API Discovery, you can watch HTTP traffic in the ReadyAPI internal browser or through an external browser that uses ReadyAPI as a proxy. You can capture REST traffic within that activity and write it to a traffic log so you can browse through it for a specific traffic type you need. You can use API Discovery to create API definitions or virtual services inside your project.

Why Using API Discovery

The main purpose of the API discovery is to quickly create a definition for the service that does not provide one. You interact with the service as a user would, while ReadyAPI gathers data on the requests sent. You can then create tests that simulate the same actions and run them, or use the created API definition to create different scenarios.

Usually, you would record requests to the service that the user interacts with directly. Discovering API requests that happen without user interaction requires ReadyAPI to be set up as a proxy for the application sending requests.

Discovery Methods

ReadyAPI provides 2 methods to discover APIs – with the internal browser and acting as a proxy.

Internal Browser

ReadyAPI internal browser acts as any other Internet browser – it sends requests and receives responses, then displays the generated web page. When recording requests in this way, you will get all requests sent to the server, not only the requests to the database. For example, you may record separate requests for images on the web page you load, for the login procedure and for the web page displayed after the login. You can select the requests you need after the recording.

Requests sent from the internal browser also carry the appropriate user agent, so the server can properly respond to them.

Using Proxy

To record requests that cannot be simulated from a browser, you can set ReadyAPI to act as a proxy. Then, only the requests that you send through the proxy are recorded. You can set up any application to send these requests. Since most applications only work with the API to get the necessary data, you will get a lot less unneeded information. ReadyAPI can record both HTTP and HTTPS requests.

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