5. Running Multiple Scenarios

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021

To simulate several test cases in parallel, add more scenarios to the load test. Click the Add Scenario button in the Load Scenarios panel or on the toolbar. You will need to configure the new scenario in the same way as described in the Modifying Load Tests topic. ReadyAPI simulates scenarios in parallel.

API load testing with ReadyAPI: Add New Scenario

When working with several scenarios, you can assign their load in one field instead of assigning the load to each scenario individually. Use the Load Allocation drop-down list and select Relative (percentage of VUs).

In the new VUs field below, specify the base number of users to which your scenarios will refer, for example 10.

Specify the number of virtual users

In the field next to each scenario, enter the percentage of base users that will be simulated:

  • For the first scenario, set the 200% load. This scenario will now simulate the Burst profile with 20 Burst virtual users. The Base virtual users value is set in the scenario.

  • For the second scenario, set the 50% load. This scenario will now simulate 5 virtual users constantly working with the server.

The percent of base users to be simulated

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