Installing LoadUI agent Using Command Line (Console)

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

Installation From the Command Line

To install the LoadUI agent application from the command line, download the installer from the SmartBear web site, copy it to the remote computer and run it with the -c argument:

<> -c
Note: On Windows computers, use the following command:
start /wait <LoadUI-Agent-3.53.0.exe> -c

In this mode, you will use the command line instead of the wizard. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Silent Installation

To install LoadUI agent in silent mode, use the -q argument:

<> -q
<LoadUIAgent-3.53.0.exe> -q

In silent mode, the installation runs without user interaction and uses default values for all options, unless specified otherwise.

For example, you can specify where to install LoadUI agent by using the -dir argument. To specify all installation parameters, use the -varfile argument to specify the file containing the installation instructions. For example, the following command installs LoadUI agent in silent mode according to the properties stored in the response.varfile document:

C:\LoadUI\LoadUIAgent-1.9.0.exe -q -varfile response.varfile
Make sure that the User Account Control is disabled on the Windows computers where you install the agent, otherwise, the operating system will ask you to verify the user.

Getting the Installation Instructions File

To generate a file with installation instructions, install LoadUI agent manually with necessary options. After the installation is finished, the response.varfile file will be created in the LoadUIAgent.install4j directory. This file contains installer variables. You can edit them in any text editor, if necessary.

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