Checking Agent Availability Using Command Line (Console)

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

If you run load tests across multiple agents using the command line, it can be difficult to keep track of what agents are available. To help you with that, ReadyAPI includes the agentavailability command-line tool.


The tool is located in the <ReadyAPI>/bin directory. The file name is agentavailability.bat (Windows) or (Linux and macOS).


The command line has the following syntax:

agentavailability.bat [-a <list of agents>] [-f <file with list of agents>]

Only one of the arguments must be used for one command, either -a or -f.

-a <args>, or --agent_availability <args>

Specifies the remote agents to be checked for availability. To specify agents, use the following syntax:

-a <ip>:<port>[, <ip>:<port>[, <ip>:<port>...]]

  • ip – An IP address or computer name of the agent.

  • port – The port number to be used.


-a "", "loadui-agent-17:6645", "loadui-agent-18:6645"

-f <args>, or --agent_name_file <args>

Specifies the file that contains a list of remote agents to be checked for availability. To specify the file, use the following syntax:

-f <file path>


-f "c:\work\loadtesting\agents\list.txt"

In the file, list the agent addresses separated by commas. Do not use spaces:



After you send the command, the tool will return the list of checked agents and their statuses. Possible statuses are:

  • idle – The agent is detected and no scenario is running on it.

  • running – The agent is detected and is currently busy with running a scenario.

  • not available – No agent was detected at this address and on this port.

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