Applies to ReadyAPI 3.3.1, last modified on August 13, 2020

ReadyAPI includes sample projects for LoadUI that show how you can create simple load tests.

The changes you make to sample projects cannot be saved. This means, that if you change a sample project, you have to save it as a new one. The original file will remain unchanged.

LoadUI Samples

Project Description
Baseline Load Sample Tests the attached virtual service with a constant load of 3 virtual users.
Fixed Load Sample Simulates 5 virtual users arriving to the attached virtual service every second.
Variable Load Sample Simulates a load against the target service varying from 0 to 10 virtual users in sine-wave pattern.


You can find LoadUI sample projects in the <ReadyAPI>/tutorials/load folder:

• Windows: <Program Files>/SmartBear/ReadyAPI-3-3-0/tutorials/load
     Program Files or Program Files (x86)
• Linux: /home/<user-name>/SmartBear/ReadyAPI-3-3-0/tutorials/load
• MacOS: /Applications/

How to Open

From the Main Menu

Select File > Import Project from the main menu, and then choose a sample project file in the subsequent dialog:

Web service testing with ReadyAPI: Open sample project

ReadyAPI project files have the .xml extension.

From the Dashboard

Find the project you need in the Sample Projects section:

Load Testing: LoadUI Sample Projects

Click the image to enlarge it.

Tip: By default, this section displays sample projects of all applications in the ReadyAPI application suite. Click and use check boxes to limit the options to LoadUI examples only.
From the Start Page

Open the Start Page and select the test you need from the Sample Projects list.

Load Testing: LoadUI Sample Projects

Click the image to enlarge it.

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