Applies to ReadyAPI 3.3.2, last modified on September 18, 2020
The AppDynamics (version 2) monitor replaces the older AppDynamics monitor starting with ReadyAPI 3.3. If you upgrade to 3.3, all the older AppDynamics monitors will be removed from your projects automatically, and you will have to recreate them.

Use AppDynamics monitors to gather metrics from your AppDynamics application.


Associate your API token with one of the following roles:

  • Account Owner

  • Administrator

  • Analytics Administrator

  • Applications & Dashboards Viewer

  • Server Monitoring Administrator

  • Universal Agent Administrator

Monitor settings

  • Host – The address of your AppDynamics controller.

  • Token – The authentication token. To learn how to generate it, see the AppDynamics documentation.

  • Application name – The name of the application to monitor.

  • Metrics – A list of AppDynamics metrics you are going to work with. Specify each metric on a separate line.

    This setting is only available in ReadyAPI 3.3 and later.



    You can change the list of metrics anytime, but make sure to click Test Connection for the changes to be applied:

    AppDynamics monitor: Editing list of metrics

    Click the image to enlarge it.

Available metrics

LoadUI gets all the metrics provided by the AppDynamics APM platform.

Note: Due to AppDynamics specifics, LoadUI gets data once in a few minutes.

Here are the most popular metrics, specified by default:

  • Overall Application Performance|Calls per Minute - The total number of business transaction executions each minute.

  • Overall Application Performance|Average Response Time (ms) - The average time per minute to handle a business transaction.

  • Overall Application Performance|Average End to End Latency (ms) - The average time spent to handle end to end message transactions.

Proxy settings

To connect to AppDynamics through a proxy:

  1. Open Preferences > HTTP and modify the following settings:

    Setting New value
    Max connections per host: 5000
    Max total connections 20000
  2. Configure ReadyAPI proxy and turn it on.

Due to AppDynamics specifics, LoadUI gets the first data after about 3 minutes.

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