About Selenium Integration

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

Selenium is a free testing tool for web applications. You can use the Selenium WebDriver API and the Groovy Script test step to create web tests in ReadyAPI.

Preparing for Integration With Selenium

To prepare ReadyAPI for working with Selenium, you need to copy the WebDriver .jar files you need to the ReadyAPI directory. The simplest way is to copy all WebDriver files. For further instructions, see Requirements for Running Selenium Tests.

Running Selenium Tests in ReadyAPI

To run Selenium tests, you will use the Groovy Script test step. This step allows you to import the relevant Selenium driver, use it to start the browser and then run the test against it, like you would in the Selenium IDE. Selenium tests do not post the information to the log unless you specifically tell them to do that. In the Groovy Script test step, you can also post the test results to the log by using the log object. You can see these results in the test step log output. To learn more about Selenium test creation in ReadyAPI, see Running Tests From ReadyAPI.

Running Existing JUnit Selenium Tests in ReadyAPI

You can move your JUnit Selenium tests to ReadyAPI by copying the code and modifying it to work in Groovy. For more information, see Moving JUnit Selenium Tests to ReadyAPI.

Unless your test case is very complex and uses multiple features that are not supported by Groovy, the transitions should be as simple as copying the text and making a couple of minor fixes.

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