Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.9.1

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.9.1, the following issues reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • The openssl command blocked a connection between ReadyAPI and Protection! Licensing Server over the 443 port. This issue has been fixed in Protection! Licensing Server 5.5.0. (RIA-17052)

ReadyAPI Test

  • The Swagger Compliance assertion always failed if a response did not contain a payload. (RIA-16987)

  • ReadyAPI reset the value of the SLA assertion to the default value when you canceled the request. (RIA-14740)

  • When you added a property expansion to the Smart Assertion and clicked another field, the property expansion was not saved. (RIA-17300)

  • When you open the Property Transfer test step after a test run, the Transfer Log panel takes up most of the test step editor space. (RIA-16741)

ReadyAPI Performance

  • When you run a lot of test cases or test suites in parallel, you might face a number of exceptions. (RIA-5533)

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