Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.52.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.52.0, we fixed the following issues reported by our customers:


RIA-5xxx1 represents the Jira ticket number. It will help you track back bugs resolved in version 3.52.0.
  • Fixed:
    • Several UI issues caused by ReadyAPI's use of deprecated property binding syntax (RIA-22187, RIA-22404).

    • A problem where ReadyAPI failed to open links in the system browser in certain environments, such as Linux KDE (RIA-22376).

    • An issue where junit reports contained data from unrelated projects (RIA-21149).

    • An error where ReadyAPI threw an error when running Security Tests containing a TEMPLATE parameter (RIA-20758).

    • Compatibility issues between ReadyAPI and VirtServer discovered in ReadyAPI 3.51.0 (RIA-22245).

    • An issue where ReadyAPI did not display correct data for JSONPath assertions (RIA-22364).

    • A problem causing ReadyAPI to fail to display responses in XML format (RIA-22440).

    • An issue causing ReadyAPI not to show TestComplete test steps status properly (22269).

  • Now, ReadyAPI license will be installed in the $HOME/.readyapi directory instead of $HOME. (RIA-22230)

  • Reverted a fix to the ‘Get access token’ option that used to cause application freeze in some scenarios. The fix was faulty and will be reworked and reapplied in ReadyAPI 3.53.0 (RIA-21011).

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