Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.44.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.44.0, we fixed the following issues reported by our customers:


RIA-5xxx1 represents the Jira ticket number. It will help you track back the bugs resolved in version 3.44.0.
  • Fixed:
    • An issue prevented license downloads from an on-premises license server URL. (RIA-20228)

    • A bug that prevented users from opening the License Manager in ReadyAPI once their license had expired. Now, it is possible to open the License Manager and replace the expired license. (RIA-20378)

    • A problem that prevented importing large graphql schema files (files upto 1Mb). It is now possible to import such APIs, but it may take hours, depending on your machine. We recommend machines with at least 16GB RAM for the import of these schema files. (RIA-20029)

    • A bug discovered in 3.42.1 which caused SocketTimeoutExceptions when HTTP Post Requests were sent. (RIA-20362)

    • An issue that prevented users from using NTLM Windows Authentication on the ReadyAPI projects. Now, the NTLM authentication profile works as expected. (RIA-20471)

    • The “Set null on missing source” flag to work as expected and to set the target property’s value to ‘Null’ when the requested source (JDBC) is missing. This was causing an error earlier. (RIA-19814)

      Set Null on missing source

      Click the image to enlarge it.

    • A problem that caused the "License Required" dialog box to appear every time ReadyAPI was restarted. Now, if you have a valid license, you won't need to specify it again when you restart the application. (RIA-20364)

    • An issue discovered in 3.41.1 which caused the Function Test Report to display duplicate results in the JUnit report. (RIA-20148)

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