Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.40.2

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.40.2, the following issues reported by our customers have been fixed:

  • ReadyAPI GUI was blocking in some Load Tests when 4 or more agents are used, preventing the switch between different load tests. Now fixed. (RIA-19346)

  • ReadyAPI did not properly Override Content Type for Attachment from text/javascript to application/json. Now fixed. (RIA-19477)

  • ServiceV mocked responses can now be used when bulk requests are made. (RIA-19499)

  • MQTT connection pooling caused an incorrect number of connections relative to the number of Virtual Users. Now fixed. (RIA-19504)

  • MQTT plugin ran on multiple agents used to generate the same clientIDs for different Virtual Users (VUs), preventing the duplicate clientIDs to connect to MQTT. Now fixed. (RIA-19525)

  • At API Discovery via HTTPs Traffic Discover, Sporadic NoSuchElementException warnings in HTTPSProxyEngine were found. Now fixed. (RIA-19527)

  • Groovy Script step by step debugging was broken and not usable when trying to use breaking points. Now fixed. (RIA-19393)

  • The Escape button can be used now to cancel the changes made into a Build SQL query window. (RIA7057)

  • An increase in VUs is offering now a corresponding increase in performance (for Groovy Scripts as well). (RIA-19576)

  • When the license acquire process starts in the background there is now a UI displayed to inform the user about the progress.(RIA-19528)


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  • The TestRunner is detected and usable now in the TestComplete Editor. (RIA-19537)

  • The error ‘Host: is not a valid SLM server: null’ was encountered on Windows 10 Pro x64, when having a fixed license from file. Now fixed. (RIA-19548)

  • ReadyAPI Start Page didn’t open if the SOCKS proxy was enabled. An Internet connection error was displayed instead. Now fixed. (RIA-17960)

  • ReadyAPI is exporting the Swagger specification correctly now (using OpenAPI3.0). No more issues related to including ‘exampleSetFlag: false’ keywords and responses with the "0" code. (RIA-19268)

  • The Coverage Stats per Test Case were not working. Now fixed. (RIA-19574)


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  • The Request Log Count was re-added back to ReadyAPI. (RIA-19443)


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  • API Connection for REST: the "Time Taken" was always 0 in Transaction Log. Now fixed, showing the correct execution time. (RIA-17088)


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  • Sometimes, ReadyAPI failed to import Very Large Swagger API Definitions. Now fixed. (RIA-19553)

  • ReadyAPI will now allow the switch to a new remote Git branch ONLY if and when that branch contains a valid ReadyAPI project. If the switch is not performed, the current branch and project is kept selected and active. (RIA-19645)

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