Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.40.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.40, the following issues reported by our customers have been fixed:


RIA-5xxx1 represents the Jira ticket number. It will help you track back the bugs resolved in version 3.40.
  • Dark Mode and Color blind enabled makes the Assertions dialog unreadable. Now fixed. (RIA-18994)

  • Default TestRunner command line fails if an environment contains the "=" sign. Now fixed. (RIA-18771)

  • Make unit tests for the Postman plug-in are runnable again. (RIA-17941)

  • NullPointerException while copying a list of test steps to another project. Now fixed. (RIA-15811)

  • The ${<Global property>} expansion is now resolved if the name of the parameter matches the global property name. The fix is prepending the name of the property with the #Global# identifier, E.g., ${#Global#test}, which can be done either manually, or by selecting the global property again. The new projects added after the fix will not have this problem, as the global identifier will have the name prepended with the #Global# identifier when selecting it, but existing projects that are impacted by this issue will need to be updated as described above. (RIA-11232)

  • Property Expansion works in File Wait Test Step. (RIA-3179)

  • The Folding commands in the Script Editor work now. (RIA- 1289)

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  • It is now possible to scale Y-axis of graphs for multiple metrics at once. (RIA-194)

  • ReadyAPI Maven plug-in no longer tries to connect to Optimizely when it is disabled. (RIA-19028)

  • Message Content Assertion: Condition Combobox now appears when the user clicks into the cell of Validation column. (RIA-19355)

  • Fixed bug where GitHub accounts are disappeared in offline mode. (RIA-13601)

  • Fixed TestRunner issue where user gets stack when it runs with partially filled in username and password fields. (RIA-19345)

  • Fixed issue where running ReadyAPI in offline mode leads to lost link project with GitHub account. (RIA-13602)

  • Fixed issue where TestCase property not updated in JDBC Test Step: Xpath Assertion. (RIA-12676)

  • Fixed issue where sending a compressed request to REST Virtual Service causes internal server error, works in SoapUI open source. (RIA-14599)

  • Fixed a bug where "Get Command Line" did not correctly generate a command if there were spaces in the properties. Each argument for -G, -D, -P was changed to be defined one per line in the TestRunner dialog in order to simplify the code. In addition, the user does not need to quote any argument, for reasons like space chars, that will be done automatically. (RIA-9970)

  • Fixed a bug where the transaction log did not display raw requests for successful requests but does for failed ones. (RIA-19472)

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