Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.3

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

In ReadyAPI 3.3, the following issues reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Deleting an environment sometimes left references to it in the project file. (RIA-9091)

  • The IllegalArgumentException error occurred when passing an empty OAuth automation script to JxBrowser. (RIA-13738)

  • The NullPointerException error occurred when executing OAuth token refreshment scripts during TestRunner runs. (RIA-13663)

  • An uninformative error message was shown when encountering an issue with generating a printable report. (RIA-7138)


  • Virtual services sometimes could not be stopped correctly when running test cases from Java frameworks. (RIA-10434)


  • The AppDynamics monitor sometimes failed to work via proxy. (RIA-13587)

  • Users could not stop distributed load tests without delay. (RIA-13079)

  • Load tests sometimes took an inconsistent amount of time to finish from run to run. (RIA-13552)

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