Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.2

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 3.2.


  • ReadyAPI became unresponsive when losing connection to the floating license server. (RIA-11872)

  • The StackOverflowError error could occur when importing an OAS 3.0 definition. (RIA-13069)

  • The NullPointerException error occurred when trying to import a GraphQL schema that does not contain the schema element. (RIA-13057)


  • testrunner.sh could not start on MacOS. (RIA-12947)

  • The JIRA window could not be opened. (RIA-12894)

  • The UI could become unresponsive or slow down after selecting a test case. (RIA-13023)

  • Groovy DataSource scripts could not be edited in Tabbed mode. (RIA-12624)

  • ReadyAPI could not run tests if a disabled test step had an empty endpoint. (RIA-12649)

  • The JSONPath Match assertion sometimes worked incorrectly if wildcards were allowed and the Select From Current option was used. (RIA-11966)

  • ReadyAPI logged the WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred message when running the Excel data source test step. (RIA-12849)

  • The InvocationTargetException error could occur when opening .xlsx files in the Excel DataSource test step. (RIA-12914)

  • The XmlValueDisconnectedException error could occur when moving a JDBC Request test step. (RIA-13014)

  • The JDBC Request test step converted SQL queries in stored procedures to lowercase. (RIA-12867)

  • ReadyAPI returned an error when trying to use properties with Oracle database connections. (RIA-12895)

  • ReadyAPI allowed creating multiple REST resources with the same path, leading to issues when creating test steps from the duplicated resources. (RIA-12301)

  • Reports did not include information on test cases run from Groovy scripts. (RIA-8421)

  • In SOAP requests, XML could sometimes become non-compliant with the XSD schema after interacting with the Form tab. (RIA-9729)

  • The order of REST request parameters in a composite project could sometimes change on saving the project. (RIA-12760)


  • In some cases, the Parameter dispatch strategy didn't work with Path parameters. (RIA-9696)


  • The VirtServer web interface certificate has been updated. (VSERV-245)

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