Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.1

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 3.1.


  • ReadyAPI could not create a GraphQL project if the schema contained a Union type. (RIA-12426)

  • Creating a project from larger Swagger definition files took an exceedingly long time. (RIA-10896)

  • ReadyAPI could hang when working with large Swagger projects. (RIA-12423)

  • ReadyAPI could not create a project from a .yml Swagger definition file. (RIA-7425)

  • The project.setPropertyValue() method in the project load script rendered the project unopenable. (RIA-12425)

  • When saving a composite project, ReadyAPI could change its format to 1.2. (RIA-12477)

  • The Clone action sometimes copied unnecessary service data. (RIA-12107)

  • The AWS Signature authorization did not work for GET requests with custom Content-Type headers. (RIA-11951)

  • NTLM authentication was always successful after passing once. (RIA-4161)

  • Projects executed in Maven sometimes failed with the Maven: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/smartbear/ready/util/FileRemover error. (RIA-5618)

  • ReadyAPI removed property expansions from the SSL Keystore test step property. (RIA-10019)

  • The NullPointerException error could occur when updating an OAS 3.0 definition. (RIA-9603)


  • The JDBC Request test step returned an error when running procedures with OUT parameters with the Stored Procedure option enabled. (RIA-12616, RIA-9287)

  • The Run button on the main toolbar could sometimes be disabled for executable test steps. (RIA-11389)

  • The Boundary Scan did not work properly with Integer parameters. (RIA-2820)

  • The NullPointerException¬†error occurred when trying to create a security scan for a request with the JSON payload that contained a null node. (RIA-9415)

  • The Fill Down option in Grid DataSource inserted a value into the last empty row. (RIA-12534)

  • Test case runs could fail with the RuntimeException: Removing unknown property error. (RIA-12419)

  • If a Zephyr test cycle had more than 50 tests mapped to ReadyAPI test cases in one project, ReadyAPI would only update 50 of them when running the project. (RIA-12627)

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