Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 3.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 3.0.


  • When ReadyAPI could not parse a Swagger 2.0 definition because of an error, no error message was shown. Instead, the NullPointerException error occurred. (RIA-11347)

  • When importing a Swagger/OpenAPI definition, requests with the PATCH method were not imported. (RIA-9867)

  • Relative paths were handled incorrectly when importing Swagger 2.0 definitions. (RIA-7658)

  • In some cases, when a user tried to run a test based on a Swagger 2.0 definition, the StackOverflowError or OutOfMemoryError exception could occur. (RIA-11645)

  • Offline license activation could fail with the "License is missing" error. (RIA-11862)

  • On macOS, a white screen was sometimes shown instead of the start page. (RIA-9297)

  • Opening and then reloading older composite projects on macOS could cause the project to get corrupted. (RIA-11801)

  • The Create Backup feature worked inconsistently, not saving backups of all the projects in the workspace. (RIA-11837)


  • The NullPointerException¬†error occurred when a user opened the Get Data dialog to add a property expansion to a request for the second time; as a result, the current request was not selected in the dialog. (RIA-11777)

  • The IOException error could occur when running the JDBC test step, resulting in XML and Outline tabs displaying no data. (RIA-11679)

  • JMS properties were not sent on the first run of the JMS Request test step. (RIA-11904)

  • In some cases, JDBC connection settings in JDBC Request, Data Source and Data Sink test steps weren't updated when the global JDBC configuration was changed. (RIA-11238)

  • The description of the TestSuiteRunListener.afterTestCase event was changed to correctly indicate that the script is invoked with the testCaseRunner variable, not the testRunner one. (RIA-1921)

  • The History tab sometimes showed incorrect numbers in the Assertions Run and Assertions Failed columns. (RIA-4369)

  • When a user renamed a custom test case or test suite property, related property expansions in JDBC Request test steps were not updated. (RIA-11806)

  • In some cases, ReadyAPI could not generate a security report and returned the OutOfBoundsException error. (RIA-11793)

  • When the DataSink test step overwrote the content of a cell in an Excel file, the formatting of the cell was not preserved. (RIA-11776)

  • Full error messages were not logged for failed assertions in the Assertion test step. (RIA-11616)

  • The Zephyr integration did not fetch all the test cases specified in JIRA Cloud. (RIA-11176)

  • The JIRA integration did not attach the log file to the created JIRA item. (RIA-9397)


  • In some cases, ReadyAPI could not create a report after running a load test. (RIA-11943)

  • The ReadyAPI Performance Transaction Log didn't log request bodies for REST requests. (RIA-11727)

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