Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 2.8

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 2.8.


  • It was impossible to import an OpenAPI 3.0 definition containing quoted path parameters. (RIA-11069)

  • In some cases, when a user was working with an OpenAPI (Swagger) definition, the StackOverflowError exception occurred. (RIA-9869, RIA-11212)

  • The NullPointerException error occurred when a user tried to perform coverage testing against a service based on a Swagger definition, and if the project contained additional methods that were not defined in the definition. (RIA-11101)

  • If a test was run by using command-line runners, the "Cannot run program null\system32\tasklist.exe" exception occurred. (RIA-10998)

  • Ciphertext of encrypted properties changed each time the project was saved. It caused useless merging issues when using Git. (RIA-11368)

  • When the SoapUI Pro for Azure DevOps extension was used, some log entries were posted twice. (RIA-10871)

  • If the Save Properties Between Session option was set to false in the imported project, the option did not work. (RIA-10922)


  • ReadyAPI could not generate reports for security tests if the project contained the 0x0 Unicode character. (RIA-6996)

  • The Swagger Compliance assertion required elements with the nullable parameter set to true. (RIA-8020)

  • In some cases, the Swagger Compliance assertion did not parse property expansions in the path to a definition. (RIA-11067)

  • In the Message Content assertion, the "Not equal" operator (!=) was removed when the expected value was set to an empty string. (RIA-11249)

  • If the the “Select All” check box was selected in the Message Content assertion, the state of the node check boxes was updated only when hovering the mouse cursor over them. (RIA-10794)

  • ReadyAPI selected wrong data if the Select from current feature was used in the JSONPath Match assertion. (RIA-9934)

  • The ContentID field for REST attachments did not work. (RIA-9560)

  • The password specified in the -x key after a whitespace was not hidden in the HTML report. (RIA-11211)

  • The values of encrypted properties were displayed during the Step-by-Step test run. (RIA-10985)

  • The password value was shown in the Navigator panel when a user enabled the View > Test Properties option. (RIA-10830)

  • In the AWS authorization, the security token specified in the x-amz-security-token header and the value of the x-amz-copy-source header were not signed. (RIA-11463, RIA-11457)

  • The Zephyr integration did not fetch all the test cases specified in JIRA Cloud. (RIA-11176)

  • If null was passed as the second parameter to the com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.testcase.WsdlTestCaseRunner() method, an error occurred. (RIA-11125)

  • The property expansions specified in the Query Timeout property of the JDBC Request test step did not work. (RIA-10859)

  • In the Property Transfer test step, the Select JSONPath button was sometimes not available (RIA-4106).


  • Virtual services running on local macOS computers could not be accessed from the web browser. (RIA-11286)

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