Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 2.3

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 2.3.


  • When you got an access token for the OAuth 2.0 authentication profile, ReadyAPI did not close the user session, so it was impossible to create several user profiles. (RIA-1454)

  • ReadyAPI could not update WADL definitions. (RIA-3595)

  • Column sizes of the Properties panel are now saved for each test item. (RIA-3661)

  • ReadyAPI did not warn you if you had specified incorrect arguments when running command-line runners via user interface. (RIA-3713)

  • Closed dialogs were shown again when the computer woke up after sleep. (RIA-4257)

  • Contents of the reordered requests were swapped. (RIA-4546)

  • Sometimes, ReadyAPI could not create the default workspace. (RIA-4943)

  • If you had not specified the backup folder, you got the Access is denied error each time when you saved the project. (RIA-5266)

  • ReadyAPI could not create a new project from large description files. (RIA-5376)

  • Properties were not encrypted when you used environments. (RIA-5667)

  • In some cases, property expansions were not updated when you renamed the test item, to which the expansion referred. (RIA-5747)

  • ReadyAPI used two different dialogs for cloning test items. (RIA-5943)

  • The Postman plugin could not import Postman collections in some cases. (RIA-6384)

  • When you renamed the service, it was not renamed in the Environment dialog. (RIA-6584)


  • SoapUI cut trailing zeros in JSON responses. (RIA-471)

  • SoapUI hung on receiving a large JSON response. (RIA-653)

  • Header values were saved only by pressing Enter. Now, changes are saved when the Header panel loses focus. (RIA-847)

  • When SoapUI had received a JMS bytes message response in a request test step, it added the received response to the test step as an attachment after the ReadyAPI restart. (RIA-2551)

  • After you had removed a test case requirement when selecting its status, you could not switch to another tab. (RIA-2997)

  • The Transaction Log panel did not show message exchanges for the Run Test Case test step. (RIA-3459)

  • The Resolve dialog could contain several Resolved items. (RIA-4020)

  • Long test case names were cut in PDF reports. (RIA-4208)

  • When you failed to connect to a database, you got the Can’t get the connection for specified properties. Incorrect URL. message. There should be the Can’t get the connection for specified properties. The connection to the host failed. message. (RIA-4647)

  • When a push to a Git repository by using the Git plugin failed, changed files were marked as pushed anyway. (RIA-4690)

  • The CoAP plugin did not work. (RIA-4725)

  • If the number of test suites was too large to fit the graph within the report that you had generated from the Test Case Status dashboard tile, the graph was cut. Now, such a graph will be excluded from the report. (RIA-4796)

  • In dynamic expressions, you could not use functions declared in scripts from the script library directory. (RIA-4861)

  • There was no error message when import from a Git repository failed. (RIA-5161)

  • A test suite reported an incorrect number of executed test cases. (RIA-5239)

  • When you selected the Disable Encoding option of a REST request, the related REST Request test step became broken. (RIA-5371)

  • The Swagger Compliance assertion could throw the NullPointerException error in some circumstances. (RIA-5406)

  • ReadyAPI treated cookies with the path attribute incorrectly. (RIA-5409)

  • In composite projects, you could not add custom project-level properties. (RIA-5412)

  • The Start step property of the SOAP VirtResponse test step did not work when a request was made from a remote host. (RIA-5487)

  • ReadyAPI tried to subscribe to a topic with the empty clientId value, that led to an error. Now, if clientId is not set, ReadyAPI generates it. (RIA-5511, RIA-5537)

  • Fixed a memory leak in transaction logs with assertions. (RIA-5523)

  • Renaming a property could cause updating references to the property with the same name in another project. (RIA-5914)

  • The OAuth2 (Azure) authentication did not add the resource parameter to the request. (RIA-6009)

  • Disabled test cases were counted in the reports generated by the TestRunner utility. (RIA-6083)

  • Cookies with the Expired directive were not sent. (RIA-6150)

  • The Swagger Compliance assertion now has more descriptive error messages. (RIA-6444)

  • When you renamed a REST service, the JMS Request test steps that were based on this service were renamed, as well. (RIA-6583)

  • Sometimes, switching environments did not change values of custom properties. (RIA-6707)

  • The JDBC data source could not work with null values in a database, if you enable any Data Processing option. (RIA-6731)


  • Secure did not show messages in archived test run logs. (RIA-4063)


  • LoadUI could hang when you were trying to open statistics on previous runs. (RIA-53)

  • When you added too many statistics to a single graph, the graph became unreadable. Now, you cannot add more than 10 statistics per graph. (RIA-2176)

  • The performance of opening statistics reports has been fixed. (RIA-2449)

  • You could not use a nested shared DataSource test step. (RIA-3126)

  • The Global Metrics graph is more accurate now. (RIA-3804)

  • Sometimes, metrics disappeared from the Global Metrics graph during the test run. (RIA-3992)

  • LoadUI did not save information in the Data Sink test step. (RIA-4057)

  • The number of maximum virtual users in PDF reports was wrong. (RIA-4651)

  • The Data Sink test step could not correctly finalize files in load tests with a huge number of virtual users. (RIA-5163)

  • In reports generated by LoadUITestRunner, the percentage of occurred errors was shown as a decimal value (for example 100% was shown as 1.0%). (RIA-5726)

  • A number of bugs, related to log messages starting with “[MBassadorEventBus] Failed to publish message.”, have been fixed. (RIA-5983)

  • LoadUI Agents could not load a test with multiple scenarios. (RIA-6401)


  • The GetData command inserted an incorrect reference to properties. (RIA-1703)

  • The Import Existing API dialog was shown underneath the New Virt dialog. (RIA-4215)

  • ServiceV required a SoapUI license to use data sources. Now, you can use data sources with only a ServiceV Pro license. (RIA-4962)

  • The response script was executed after the AfterRequest script in JMS virtual services. (RIA-5334)

  • JDBC virtual services could not treat SQL statements with null parameters. (RIA-5622)

  • The JMS virtual service deployed to VirtServer did not show the CorrelationId header of a request. (RIA-5871)

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