Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 2.2

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 2.2.

Overall Bug Fixes

  • Irrelevant error message was shown when ReadyAPI failed to activate a floating license from a file with online activation flow. (RIA-2230)

  • Irrelevant error message was shown when a license was overactivated. (RIA-3214)

  • The ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.jdi.request.EventRequest exception was thrown when running tests from Maven when debugging. (RIA-3314)

  • ReadyAPI caused automation issues as it did not remove jar files from the temporary directory every time the test runner was run. (RIA-3596)

  • Wrong representation status codes were shown after refactoring a Swagger definition from an original file. (RIA-3719)

  • The only possible way to timeout licenses was to do it in hours. Now you can timeout licenses in minutes as well. (RIA-3861)

  • Sometimes, when a user imported the Postman .json collection file to ReadyAPI using the Postman plugin, the project level properties and property expansions did not import correctly. (RIA-4287)

  • In some cases, a user could not properly import the project from the version control system using the Git bundled plugin due to authentication working incorrectly. (RIA-4404)

  • The NullPointerExeption error appeared randomly on ReadyAPI launch. (RIA-4532)

  • Sometimes, when a user created the JDBC connection for a data source and then restarted ReadyAPI, a duplicate JDBC connection appeared in the Environments dialog. (RIA-4585)

  • When a user tried to activate the license with activation limit reached, the irrelevant error message appeared. (RIA-4751)

  • Sometimes, the Swagger Compliance assertions could not parse the Swagger definition properly, causing an error to appear. (RIA-4814)

SoapUI Bug Fixes

  • An error occurred when importing a Swagger definition. (RIA-565)

  • The JMS test step did not send a message to a queue on the Weblogic server. (RIA-1219)

  • Huge REST responses caused memory leaks. (RIA-1973)

  • SSL keystore was not applied to a request if the proxy settings were specified manually. (RIA-2298)

  • Signature creation in a request failed when a Digest Algorithm was used. (RIA-2989)

  • The NullPointerExeption error occurred when adding a property expansion for a response via the Get Data dialog. (RIA-3446)

  • The JDBC Status assertion did not fail if there were any errors during the JDBC request. (RIA-3650)

  • The Script Assertion window was to be resized every time you added the assertion to a response. (RIA-3662)

  • ReadyAPI informed about inconsistency issues when cloning a test step into a different test suite of the same project. (RIA-4032)

  • The Get Data dialog was not able to automatically select the test suite and test case to which the target test step belongs. (RIA-4100)

  • In some cases, a user was not able to paste a value they copied from the Form view. (RIA-4247)

  • In some cases, when a user moved the test step with configured assertions, these assertions disappeared. (RIA-4248)

  • The Excel formulas were not evaluated correctly in the Excel file data sources in ReadyAPI. (RIA-4316)

  • When configuring a MSSQL database connection using the JDBC driver, additional parameters specified in the JDBC connection string caused an issue when a value of the additional parameter became a value for the username parameter. (RIA-4386)

  • The core module was activating twice when a user launched the command line runner in SoapUI. (RIA-4497)

  • Sometimes, ReadyAPI hanged when a user tried to work with custom properties in the unresolved test suite. (RIA-4608)

  • An error appeared in the ReadyAPI log when a user tried to run the project containing the requests without endpoints. (RIA-4638)

  • When working with XML responses as data sources, ReadyAPI was not able to handle the declare namespace statements, so the values from the response could not be extracted. (RIA-4718)

  • In the REST request editor, duplicate response representations appeared if a user tried to send a request without the Media-Type header. (RIA-4791)

Secure Bug Fixes

  • It was impossible to configure the HTTP Method Fuzzing scan for the HEAD, OPTIONS, and TRACE methods. (RIA-4246)

ReadyAPI Performance Bug Fixes

  • The SNMPv3 protocol did not work in ReadyAPI Performance properly. (RIA-4187)

  • Sometimes, when configured to use the database as the data source, ReadyAPI Performance did not capture data from the source or send any requests. (RIA-4252)

  • In some cases, it was impossible to cancel the load test in the load test runner by clicking the Cancel button. (RIA-4294)

  • In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, there were issues occurring when a user tried to generate reports using the ReadyAPI Performance command line runner. (RIA-4335)

  • In some cases, when a user started a long test in the built-in load test runner from the GUI, an inactivity timeout occurred. (RIA-4376)

  • Sometimes, the Out of memory error occurred on huge load tests with the enabled transaction log. (RIA-4481)

  • Sometimes, when a user cloned a ReadyAPI Performance test, it was cloned partially. (RIA-4822)

ReadyAPI Virtualization Bug Fixes

  • After committing any changes to the virtual API shared project and removing the project from the workspace, a user could not open the project again. (RIA-4281)

  • If a user created a duplicate virtual API action and then renamed it, it was not saved in the project. (RIA-4533)

  • Errors occurred when a user tried to create or modify a start script for the REST virtual API. (RIA-4664)

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