Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 2.1

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 2.1.

Overall Bug Fixes

  • The Create File test step now posts an error to the log and is marked as failed in the Navigator panel if it fails to pass its verification. (RIA-789)

  • Long resource names caused errors when you saved a composite project. (RIA-3053)

  • The Database, Auth Manager and WS-Security Configuration dialogs have been improved. (RIA-849)

  • In certain cases, the REST Discovery engine recorded empty requests via proxy. (RIA-798)

  • ReadyAPI now uses version 1.5.0 of the Apache Santuario library. Some experts consider earlier versions of the library not secure enough. Depending on the security settings adopted in your organization, execution of ReadyAPI automated tests from Maven builds could be blocked. (RIA-3964)

  • Now, when ReadyAPI cannot generate a test report, it shows an informative message. (RIA-3173)

SoapUI Bug Fixes

  • If you rearranged test suite items by dragging them in the Navigator panel, it was impossible to open SOAP Request test steps within this test suite. (RIA-3920)

  • The Date and Time data generator did not accept the minimum and maximum values that were entered in the corresponding fields. (RIA-3871)

  • When you saved a composite project and tried to commit the changes to a Git repository, a redundant authentication dialog was displayed. (RIA-3827)

  • Changing the transfer order in the Property Transfer test step corrupted transfers. (RIA-3812)

  • Switching between environments did not change the Outgoing WSS configuration. (RIA-3736)

  • TestRunner did not use the proxy specified in the ReadyAPI settings. (RIA-3600)

  • SoapUI could save a response attachment in a wrong format. (RIA-3366)

  • JSON nodes in the Select JSON dialog were always collapsed. Now they are collapsed only when the property contains a lot of nodes. (RIA-3351)

  • If you used a property expansion to specify the path to a scheme in the JSON Scheme Compliance assertion, the assertion did not load a new scheme when the property changed its value. (RIA-3320)

  • It was impossible to use the Get Data dialog on the Outline tab when editing a property value. (RIA-3294)

  • JUnit Style HTML reports contained wrong data if test cases had been running in parallel. (RIA-3187)

  • The WSS configuration was not applied if it was specified on the Endpoint page. (RIA-3180)

  • The project.scriptLibrary property could not be changed dynamically if the test was launched via TestRunner. (RIA-2258)

  • The WSS configuration was not applied if no alias was specified for its keystore. (RIA-1842)

  • Kerberos authentication did not work for the HTTPS protocol. (RIA-1694)

  • In some cases, the JDBC Request test step was marked as failed in the Transaction Log even if it passed. (RIA-485)

Secure Bug Fixes

  • The XML Bomb scan could cause hanging and the Out of Memory exception if a request used WSS or WSA. (RIA-2983, RIA-2984, RIA-3922)

  • In some cases, there were duplicate entries in the Transaction Log. (RIA-3702)

LoadUI Bug Fixes

  • Running a large distributed test with the Transaction Log enabled could cause the Out of Memory exception on the LoadUI Agent. (RIA-3701)

  • Sometimes, LoadUITestRunner did not terminate cloud agents after the test run was over. (RIA-3466)

  • It was impossible to generate a report in some cases. (RIA-3105)

  • The Global Metrics chart did not start counting from the beginning of the load test. (RIA-3424)

  • It was impossible to stop a load test by using the loadTestRunner.fail() or loadTestRunner.cancel() method. (RIA-3178)

  • In some cases, LoadUITestRunner could not generate a Summary report. (RIA-3060)

ReadyAPI Virtualization Bug Fixes

  • A request containing parameters with illegal characters was not recorded. (RIA-3957)

  • The Start Script editor saved only the first character added to the script. (RIA-3732)

  • A response was not handled correctly if the AfterRequest script contained an error. (RIA-3145)

  • There was an issues with virt thread safety. (RIA-2573)

  • The mockRunner.stop() method did not work. (RIA-979)

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