Bug Fixes in Ready! API 1.5

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

In version 1.5, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Updated Swagger plugin. The "old" Swagger plugin could duplicate endpoints and resources when you run the "Refactor definition" command for a Swagger service definition. (SOAP-4429)

  • Endpoints configured by using the Maven plugin .pom file were not applied to security tests. (SOAP-804)

  • Tests run by using Maven plugin did not generate pdf reports. (SOAP-756)

  • SLA assertions did not support Property Expansion. (SOAP-1293)

  • WADL refactoring failed if url included the port number. (SOAP-3984)

  • Script assertions returned null for JDBC TestStep when run from Script Assertion window. (SOAP-429)

  • XPATH assertions were not correctly generated if XML had several items with matching names. (SOAP-2482)

  • MATRIX type parameters were not reflected in the URL bar. (SOAP-612)

  • TestRunner process did not stop when the run was cancelled. (SOAP-631)

  • Updating WSDL or WADL definition that required authentication caused an endless loop. (SOAP-957)

  • Requests with empty path parameter caused NullPointerException. (SOAP-1099)

  • REST attachments referred to in the parameters were added twice. (SOAP-1850)

  • Matrix parameters in imported URL were not positioned correctly. (SOAP-1533)

  • Changes in REST resource editor were not applied to included REST requests. (SOAP-573)

  • Assertions in the Assertion TestStep displayed only the first 8 symbols of the assertion name. (SOAP-1285)

  • Properties with backslashes were not loaded from the file. (SOAP-2606)

  • SQL Query wizard mapped multiple aliases for the same field. (SOAP-777)

  • Start and Stop buttons on the TestCase toolbar and Ready! API toolbar did not show the same state. (SOAP-3990)

  • Youtube sample project did not work. (SOAP-3906)

  • Environment configurations did not apply to load and security tests run by using Maven plugin. (SOAP-757)

  • Tests run by using the Maven Plugin used to run all security tests with the same name. Now only the first one will be run. (SOAP-755)

  • Recreating a default request for a request with pretty print XML discarded values past the first one. (SOAP-3643)

  • HTTP monitor log refreshed the message content section every time a new request was logged. (SOAP-1419)

  • The warning about affecting child REST resources did not count the number of resources correctly. (SOAP-949)

  • Requests could not contain proxy authentication information. (SOAP-1220)

  • Project level properties did not work if the test was started by using the Maven plugin. (SOAP-803)

  • Some dividers seemed resizeable, but the panels could not be resized. (SOAP-326)

  • SoapUI could not connect to WebSphere MQ. (SOAP-4012)

  • JsonPath filter did not work if the token filter contained parentheses. (SOAP-3713)

  • Basic authentication did not support empty credentials. (SOAP-3807)

  • REST TEMPLATE parameters were not deleted when removed from Resource field. (SOAP-3938)

  • DataSource TestStep did not keep the path to the Excel file. (SOAP-4378)

  • WADL update used to add duplicate resources to the project. (SOAP-4380)

  • DataSource Loop TestStep could cause Ready! API to stop responding. (SOAP-4388)

  • Ready! API did not use original Hermes libraries to work with JMS endpoints. (SOAP-4423, SOAP-4426)

  • Invalid HTTP Status Codes assertion did not work in the Assertion TestStep. (SOAP-4441)

  • Changes made to Message Content assertion were sometimes lost. (SOAP-4461)

  • DataSink TestStep was sometimes removed on cloning a TestCase. (SOAP-4475)

  • The request was not sent if the endpoint contained underline characters. (SOAP-4501)

  • Send Mail TestStep was unable to send mail to multiple recipients. (SOAP-4532)


  • Table statistics sometimes did not populate correctly at the start of the test. (LOADUI-3636)


  • The PDF reports did not include information on security scan errors (API-2172).

  • Security Sample Project did not work (API-2275)

ReadyAPI Virtualization

  • Deleting a virt caused an error in the log. (API-2277)

  • Changing the type of the DataSource used to reset all settings. (API-2422)

  • SOAP XPath and Script dispatchers used the same editor. (API-2457)

  • Transaction log did not display requests with error conditions. (API-2565)

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