Bug Fixes in Ready! API 1.3.1

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

In version 1.3.1, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Ready! API Platform

  • The Help Getting Started menu item did not open any documentation.

  • Creating reports in the Secure module required a SoapUI NG Pro license. If the user did not have it, then when they clicked the Report command on the toolbar, Ready! API displayed the License Manager dialog.

  • Ready! API failed to start if the user installed it under one user account, but ran it under another account.


  • Selecting a long string in response data caused Ready! API to hang.

  • Ready! API failed to open certain requests for editing (when the user clicked them in the Navigator, nothing happened).

  • The Help button did not work in the Launch TestRunner dialog box.


  • The Global Metrics graph did not display the last assertion.

  • An exception occurred on deleting cloned projects.

  • Ready! API required JavaFX for the run. Without JavaFX, Ready! API did not start, or it hung when calling functions that required JavaFX.

  • The dialog informing about trial limitations caused spikes in the number of generated requests per second.

  • In certain cases, the load test editor did not save changes made to the Target and Think time properties.

  • The Clone LoadUI NG Test menu command was hidden.

  • In the load test editor, the Target list got TestCases from other projects.

  • After a new load test was created, it was not selected automatically in the Navigator view, so all the menu and toolbar commands were applied to another test that was selected in the Navigator at that time.

  • Renaming a TestStep did not trigger updating the TestStep name in the load test editor.

  • Charts in the load test editor did not update the number of virtual users if the user activated or deactivated LoadUI NG Pro licenses during the test run.

  • There were issues with load tests that use the Start/Stop Virt Service steps and run on remote agents.

  • Renaming a server on the Monitoring page of the load test editor caused resetting the Server Monitoring Chart.

  • Statistics charts did not display the "time-taken" metrics for tests running on agents.

  • It was impossible to run a load test after its previous launch was aborted.

  • It was impossible to run a load test on an agent if Ready! API was closed during the previous run of that test.

  • In certain cases, series names disappeared from statistics charts when the user ran a test.

  • If the user removed the currently running test from the project, it was impossible to run any other test.

  • It was possible to rename scenarios during the test run.

  • Agents working on the computer where Ready! API is installed could stop responding after several consequent test runs.

  • The JSONPath Existence Match and JSONPath Count assertions were unavailable for SOAP test projects.

  • In some cases, scenarios running on an agent did not run on the local machine.

  • The existing metrics disappeared from statistics charts after adding new metrics to a chart in the Server Monitoring Chart.

  • SoapUI Pro features did not work on agents.

  • It was possible to change the Think time property during the test run. This caused various issues with generated load.


  • To get Secure reports, a SoapUI NG Pro license was required.

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