Bugs Fixes in Ready! API 1.2

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Ready! API 1.2.

Ready! API Platform

  • API-259 – The created Virt endpoint doesn't show in API and functional module request endpoint field

  • API-808 – Can't add report in TestRunner Wizard

  • API-954 – No way to edit project lifecycle scripts and project description

  • API-955 – Jsonpath assertion's save button does not work

  • API-977 – TestRunner consumes a floating license by itself on the same machine (does not use previously checked out license through GUI)

  • API-1006 – Cannot select environments besides Default when launching TestRunner


  • SOAP-2993 – Syntax highlighting for Groovy code is incorrect

  • SOAP-3006 – Cannot reset Environments value back to Default

  • SOAP-3058 – Unable to open TestStep that is created with an empty value for template parameter

  • SOAP-3083 – The Datasource wizard does not generate property expansion on the specified Request Parameters you choose

  • SOAP-3136 – Invalid WSDLs and WADLs should present an error message explaining why it can't be opened and possible a CTA (Call to action)

  • SOAP-3197 – Regression: Unable to use XPath Match assertion with a JSON Response

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