Features Added to Ready! API 1.1

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

In version 1.1, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Ready! API Platform

  • API-808 – Can't add report in TestRunner Wizard

  • API-769 – REST TestSteps do not change color when ran in Ready! API

  • API-753 – When you change environments while on a JDBC step, the run button greys out


  • SOAP-456 Outgoing WSS settings is not added to outgoing SOAP request when used within an Environment

  • SOAP-470 Easy fixes for reporting

  • SOAP-793 Enhancement request for project search

  • SOAP-788 Test Suite runner stops recording TestCase progress on undocking

  • SOAP-1433 Spelling error in creating Virt step

  • SOAP-1580 Required to authenticate several times when importing WSDL with multiple XSD's

  • SOAP-1836 Thank you for downloading SoapUI is not shown when installing a valid license

  • SOAP-2069 Applying an old style expired renewal license to an old style expired original license will terminate SoapUI and not go into courtesy mode

  • SOAP-2159 Remove message to delete license

  • SOAP-2705 TestRunner throwing error x11 error message on headless machine

  • SOAP-2740 JDBC DataSource fails to reflect changes on environment unless JDBC DataSource is opened

  • SOAP-2787 Some composite projects are not able to open in 5.1.1

  • (2014-11-25) maitenance build, this also applies to 5.1.2 now

  • SOAP-2798 This-script-is-invoked-with variables should be hyperlinks to the API docs

  • SOAP-2847 Regression: Unable to use capital letter in Request URL of HTTP Request

  • SOAP-2861 Parallel tests fail in Jenkins when using test runner

  • SOAP-2888 Use Ctrl-"." as Code completion trigger on Mac instead of Ctrl+Space

  • SOAP-2913 Menu items under Case > Add Step are never enabled

  • SOAP-2919 Option in preferences to not open the editor of a newly created TestStep ask first time, option to never ask again

  • SOAP-2986 License text in UTF-8

  • SOAP-2990 Change message in form editor when using GET request with no parameters

  • SOAP-2991 JMS testing is broken in Ready! API

  • SOAP-2993 Syntax highlighting for Groovy code is incorrect

ReadyAPI Virtualization

  • SV-182 – Deploy as WAR: The dialogue to choose the WAR Directory hangs for a few minutes

  • SV-278 – No validation for any of the fields in Behavior View

  • SV-279 – Connection drop seems to have no effect on response time

  • SV-369 – REST specific properties are missing for REST mock responses

  • SV-393 – Suggested name for a new discovery is always 'Discovered Virt 1'

  • SV-418 – Two projects having the same Virt starts/stops it simultaneouly

  • SV-516 – I can download the same Virt twice and then when I redeploy it creates new Virt instead of replacing

  • SV-519 – When I try to run a Virt that is using the same port as another virt, I get a BindException.

  • SV-572 – Virt maps paths incorrectly

  • SV-596 – Behavior bandwidth limit for Virts never worked properly

  • SV-625 – Maven plugin – errors about other soapUI plugins on starting the build

  • SV-626 – Maven plugin – log message says the 'virt is stopping' just after starting it

  • SV-627 – Maven plugin – Log messages for stopping the Virt should be added

  • SV-555 – Show overview panels for selected objects that aren't visible in Navigator


  • SV-503 – Unable to start VirtServer in "headless" mode

  • SV-516 – I can download the same Virt twice and then when I redeploy it creates new Virt instead of replacing

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