Bugs Fixes in Ready! API 1.0

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

In Ready! API 1.0 the following bugs have been fixed:


  • SOAP-767 Missing "Get Data" right-click-menu in DataGen TestStep

  • SOAP-1187 Preserve expanded/collapsed items during project reloading

  • SOAP-1241 Add "ALT + Enter" in tooltip of Submit Request button and make it work also for REST request

  • SOAP-1999 OAuth 2.0 profile edit, jumpy advanced button

  • SOAP-2074 Empty redirect URL should be accepted in OAuth dialog

  • SOAP-2167 Renaming TestSteps does not update property values in DataSink properties

  • SOAP-2277 The default expanded size for Navigator panel is inappropriate

  • SOAP-2289 Button for XPath Wizard looks completely different in different TestSteps

  • SOAP-2315 DataSource TestStep Options cleanup (partial fix)

  • SOAP-2333 JSON outline editor – extra separators in the menus

  • SOAP-2345 Rename TestRequest to SOAP TestRequest

  • SOAP-2528 TestStep worked less than specified time.

  • SOAP-2531 Strange errors for invalid file name

  • SOAP-2532 Unable to interrupt hanged action

  • SOAP-2681 Data of proxy server option is cached

  • SOAP-2769 Get Data icon in the form editor hard to find

  • SOAP-2786 Group TestStep Buttons in Test Case toolbar

  • SOAP-2791 Long Groovy Script crashes Aero

  • SOAP-2803 Assertion dialog buttons rearranged

  • SOAP-2813 When removing a keystore it's aliases aren't removed from the WSS entry form

  • SOAP-2816 When selecting a directory that is not an composite project in the Import Project dialog, the directory is still added, but with a red cross

  • SOAP-2817 Eliminate nested scrollbars

  • SOAP-2818 No tooltip for get data Icon

  • SOAP-2820 Replace identical reporting button icons

  • SOAP-2822 Double naming Ready! API in control panel

  • SOAP-2848 Ctrl+Z in SOAP request editor empties content – undo

  • SOAP-2851 "Message Viewer" does not format XML or default right editor

  • SOAP-2853 Hide/Unhide assertions tab resets the assertion section size

  • SOAP-2861 Parallel tests fail in Jenkins when using TestRunner

  • SOAP-2888 Use Ctrl-"." as Code completion trigger on Mac instead of Ctrl+Space

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