Applies to ReadyAPI 2.3, last modified on March 22, 2018

This section describes some issues you may encounter and explains how to resolve them.

Hanging When Running Large SoapUI Tests

Common Cause: SoapUI may stop responding when running a large number of test suites and test cases in parallel.

Suggested Solution: Each test step you run in parallel consumes threads available to ReadyAPI. Once it runs out of threads, ReadyAPI can no longer respond to your actions or continue the test run.

Modify your test to use fewer test cases and test suites or run some test cases or test suites in sequence.

ReadyAPI Does Display the Splash Screen but Does not Start

Common causes:

  • There is not enough RAM to start the Java virtual machine.

  • The Java virtual machine tried to use Java options that cannot be used to run ReadyAPI.

Suggested solutions:

  • Make sure you run ReadyAPI on a computer that meets the minimum system requirements.

  • Remove the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS and _JAVA_OPTIONS OS environment variables.

Hanging in macOS

Common Cause: Some macOS users experience problems with ReadyAPI hanging and becoming unresponsive.

Suggested Solution: Some users who experienced hanging on macOS have resolved their issues by disabling the internal browser.

Note: This will disable the internal browser in general, which means that the Discovery with internal browser feature will not work. You can still do discovery through proxy, and use an external browser, though.
  • Add the following line to the Applications/<Ready-API-Version>.app/Contents/vmoptions.txt file:

  • Restart ReadyAPI.

Hanging When Opening SOAP Project With Remote Service Definition

Common Cause: Java 7 or later does not trust the web site that does not have a signed certificate, so ReadyAPI cannot retrieve the definition.

Suggested Solution: Add the website that holds your service definition to the Java Exceptions List. This list is stored in the (<System>\Sun\Java\Deployment\Security\exception.sites) file. Java does not check certificates for files on this list. For detailed instructions on modifying the exceptions list, see the Java documentation.

Changes to Resource or Method Names Are Not Saved

Common Cause: Several resources use the same path with different PATH parameters and you try to switch between them. ReadyAPI uses path values to determine the resource and cannot see the difference between them.

Suggested Solution: Use the provided resource name. The requests will run as expected.

Hanging When Validating Groovy Syntax

Common Cause: ReadyAPI may stop responding when working with Groovy code.

Suggested Solution: ReadyAPI uses the Jshint command-line process to automatically validate the Groovy syntax. This may cause ReadyAPI to hang.

A possible workaround is to disable syntax checking. To do this:

  • Add the following line to the <ReadyAPI>/bin/ReadyAPI.vmoptions file:

  • Restart ReadyAPI.

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