Applies to ReadyAPI 3.3.2, last modified on September 18, 2020

Exporting a License

Exporting a license means you make a backup of your license. You export a license during the product deactivation – you simply save the license information to a file. After you got the file with the exported license, you can activate the license on another computer by specifying that file.


  • Exporting works for fixed licenses only.

  • License deactivation disables the Pro features of the tool. If you disable a license for some of the ReadyAPI tools, and if you do not have a Pro license for at least one other tool, you will not be able to use ReadyAPI.

To learn how to deactivate your license, see these instructions:

Importing a License

You can activate (import) an exported license on another computer. To do this, simply specify your exported license file when activating the license. For information on license activation, see these topics:

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