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Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

The tutorial is over. We hope it helped you understand how to create functional tests of web services in ReadyAPI.

Of course, the tutorial covered basic steps only. Follow these links to learn more about web service testing with ReadyAPI.

Further Reading

Data-Driven Testing

Explains how to create data-driven tests in ReadyAPI.

Using Properties

Describes how to transfer values from one request to another.

Property Expansions

Describes how you can dynamically insert property values.


Describes how to configure authorization settings in your ReadyAPI tests.

Verifying Results

Describes assertions that you can use to verify responses.

API Discovery

Describes how to record requests and responses of your web service.

More Tutorials

Here are some more tutorials that will help you get started using the product:

Data-Driven Functional Tests

Describes how to create a data-driven functional test for a web service.
Tip: Check out other data-driven tutorials to learn how to read data from different data sources.

Creating Your First Load Test

Explains how to create load tests for a web service to check how it works with multiple clients.

Getting Started With Security Tests

Explains how to create security tests for your web services.


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Creating Your First Functional Test

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