Run Tests On Demand

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.9, last modified on July 16, 2021

Test On Demand allows you to upload a test case to a remote location, run it from there and get a summary report of the test results together with additional performance metrics.

Test on demand


As the test case will be run from a remote location, it must not contain any external dependencies such as JDBC connections, Excel data sources or any other references to local files or directories. The project will be validated before it is uploaded, and an error message will be shown if there are any external dependencies.

The endpoints used in the test case must be reachable from the servers running the test case.

The IP number of the location servers will be shown besides the location drop down.

Locations IPs

Using AlertSite From ReadyAPI Example

  • Start by clicking the test case you want to upload in the Navigator.

    Select test case
  • Click the Test On Demand tab.

  • The drop-down menu to the left will be initialized the first time a Test On Demand tab is opened and then populated with the available locations. Select a location.

    Locations initializing
  • Click the run to the left to upload your test case.

    Upload test case
  • The project is now run on the location, and the progress is displayed:

  • Finally the summary report is presented:

    Report Page

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