New Test Tile

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

The New Test tile is a shortcut for creating various tests, projects, and virtual API services. Using this tile, you can create:

Below is a sample view of the tile:

ReadyAPI Interface: New Test Tile
The New Test tile option may vary depending on the ReadyAPI license you have. For details, see Requirements.


The content of the New Test tile depends on your ReadyAPI licenses.

If you have only one license, you can create matching tests only. For example, if you have a ReadyAPI Performance Pro license, you can create only load tests using the tile. In this case, the tile looks like this:

ReadyAPI Interface: New Load Test Tile

The only exception is the ReadyAPI Test Pro license. Along with functional and security tests, it enables a user to create load tests and virtual APIs, as it provides access to the Basic features of ReadyAPI Performance and ReadyAPI Virtualization.

If you do not have ReadyAPI licenses, you can request them on our web site:

Filter and Create Tests

If you have several ReadyAPI Pro licenses, you can filter which tests to show in the tile. To do this, click the drop-down arrow () and select the needed test type or select All Tests to display all the available test types in the tile.

ReadyAPI Interface: Select a Test

Using this tile, you can create functional, load and security tests, and virtual APIs in different ways:

Create a new From

Functional test

API definition


ReadyAPI project

Load test

API definition


ReadyAPI test case

Security test

API definition


ReadyAPI project

Virtual API

API definition

Recorded traffic

REST resources

To create a new test in one of the suggested ways, click the matching item in the tile and perform the steps required for the selected test.

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