Workspace Properties

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

You can define settings for workspaces in the Workspace Properties table. To access the table, select a workspace item in the Navigator:

Workspace properties

The table has the following properties:

Option Description
Name The workspace name.
Description The workspace description.
File The location of the workspace .xml file.
Project Root Defines how ReadyAPI handles the paths to the projects in the workspace. Apply this setting if you use external files in your project. See the example below.


If your workspace contains references to external resources, you need to include them in your project.

For example, you have the testdata.xls Excel file and you access it from the project. The D:\projects\ directory contains yout workspace files, and the project directory is D:\projects\webservice\.

The absolute path to the file is D:\data\testdata.xls.

To use the file path relative to the project directory, use ${projectDir}\data. For example:


To use the file path relative to the directory that contains the workspace file, use ${workspaceDir}\data. For example:


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