Plugin Manager

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.10, last modified on October 07, 2021

This topic describes how to work with the Plugin Manager that was replaced with the Integrations tab. If you use ReadyAPI 2.5 or later, see About Integrations.

The Plugin Manager is available from the toolbar. By using the manager, you can work with installed plugins and quickly install new ones.

To open the manager, click Plugins on the toolbar.

ReadyAPI: Opening the plugin manager from the toolbar

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You can use the plugin manager to install, remove, and manage your extension plugins.

The plugin manager has two tabs. You can find all plugins that you can install automatically on the Available tab and all installed plugins on the Installed tab.

Note: You can still install plugins manually. You can find plugins in the .soapui\plugins directory inside your user directory. For example, in Windows, the path should be C:\Users\<user>\.soapui\plugins). To allow multiple users to use the same plugin, install separate copies for each of them.

Plugin Manager Buttons

Button Description
Load plugin from file Opens the Select plugin file dialog where you can choose a previously downloaded plugin to install.
Uninstall Plugin Uninstalls the selected plugin.
Install/Upgrade Plugin Installs the selected plugin or updates it to the newest version.
Close Closes the Plugin Manager dialog.

Available Tab

The Plugin Manager Available tab displays the plugins that you can download and install automatically.

ReadyAPI: The Available tab of the Plugin Manager

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Select the plugin you want to install and click the Install/Upgrade Plugin button to install it.

Column Description

A plugin name.


A plugin type.


The latest version of the plugin.


The currently installed version of the plugin.


A short description of the plugin.

Web page

A web page describing the plugin.

Installed Tab

The Plugin Manager Installed tab displays the list of installed and active plugins.

To uninstall the selected plugin, click Uninstall Plugin.

To update the selected plugin version, click Install/Upgrade Plugin.

ReadyAPI: The Installed tab of the Plugin Manager

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Column Description

A plugin name.


An available version of the plugin.


A short description of the plugin.


Usually, the plugin creator provides necessary documentation for a plugin. In the plugin repository, a plugin description usually includes a link to the documentation.


SmartBear Software offers support only for bundled plugins.

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