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Applies to ReadyAPI 3.10, last modified on October 07, 2021

This topic describes how to work with the Plugin Manager that was replaced with the Integrations tab. If you use ReadyAPI 2.5 or later, see About Integrations.

Extension plugins are installable modules that add functionality to ReadyAPI.

By design, you can create new features and add them as extension plugins to ReadyAPI.

Plugin Manager

ReadyAPI comes with a Plugin Manager which you can use to easily add plugins to and remove them from the user interface.

ReadyAPI: Plugin Manager

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With this, you do not need to worry about placing things in the proper directory or configuring files manually.

The Plugin Manager contains a plugin loader that loads plugins into their own class loader. Thus, plugins can have third-party dependencies that do not interfere or collide with other plugins or ReadyAPI itself.

Bundled Plugins

ReadyAPI is shipped with a number of plugins that are available after its installation. You can find a complete list of bundled plugins and learn more about them in Bundled plugins.

Installation Location

You can find extension plugins in the plugins directory inside the .soapui folder of your user directory. For example, the Windows path should be C:\Users\<user>\.soapui\plugins. If several users use the same plugin, each of them needs to install their own copy of the plugin. To learn more about installing and uninstalling plugins, see the Installing Plugins and Uninstalling Plugins topics.

Old Style Plugins

The old style plugins is a common name for plugins created for SoapUI versions earlier than 5.1. You cannot use these plugins with the plugin manager. They will not even appear in the list of available plugins.

You can still use these old style plugins, but we recommend that you remove them and get an updated version. You can always install newer versions with the Plugin Manager.

JMS Connector Plugin

The JMS connector plugin installs the JMS client libraries to ReadyAPI. Also, it provides ReadyAPI with default values for connection settings. To learn more, see Creating the Connector Plugin.

Plugin Support

SmartBear Software supports all bundled plugins.

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