SOAP WS-I Compliance

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.5, last modified on December 29, 2020

ReadyAPI has integrated support for the WS-I organization Basic Profile validation tool.

This tool is available when you have an interface selected in the Navigator.

The selected interface

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The WS-I Compliance tool settings are available on the WS-I setting page in Preferences. You can also click on the toolbar to access the configuration settings.

Validating WSDL Definitions

To run the WS-I compliance tool for a WSDL definition:

  1. Open the SOAP interface from the Navigator.

    SOAP interface
  2. Switch to the WSI-Compliance page.

    WS-I Compliance
  3. Click on the toolbar.

  4. Right-click the SOAP interface in the Navigator and select Check WSI Compliance to run the WS-I Test Tools and validate the WSDL definition.

    The generation report

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Validating SOAP Requests and Responses

To validate a request or response:

  • Open a request or response in the Request Editor.

  • Right-click the request or response and select Validate.


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