SOAP Interface Overview Page

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.5, last modified on January 19, 2021

The Overview page gives some general information on the WSDL: WSDL definition, definition parts, and operations.

The Overview page

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To open the Overview page:

  1. Double-click an interface in the Navigator.

  2. Switch to the Overview page.

WSDL Definition

The WSDL definition section provides general information about the WSDL.

It includes the following information:

  • WSDL URL – The URL of the service specified in the WSDL.

  • Namespace – The WSDL namespace.

  • Binding – The value of the WSDL soap:binding element.

  • SOAP Version – The version of the SOAP protocol used.

  • Style – The WSDL binding style (for example, RPC or DOC).

  • WS-A version – The WS-Addressing version used to specify web service address, if any is present.

Definition Parts

The Definition Parts section shows all files that are part of the definition and a definition URL from them.


The Operations section lists the contained operations. The table has the following columns:

Column Description


The operation name in ReadyAPI. Does not affect requests.


Defines if the operation is encoded or literal.


If true, the operation uses the one-way message exchange protocol.


A SOAPAction header value. Identifies the intent of the message.

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