JBossWS Artifacts

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.9, last modified on July 30, 2021

ReadyAPI generates JAX-WS portable artifacts and provides an abstract contract (a WSDL definition).

For details, see https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/JBossWS-JAX-WSTools.

You can download JBossWS from the official website.

Basic Tab

On the Basic tab, you can configure the export parameters.

The Basic tab

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Option Description


The path to the definition file to use.

Use cached WSDL

Select to use the WSDL definition cached in ReadyAPI.

Output Directory

The full path to the output folder.

Mapping File

The path to the mapping file you want to use for service generation.


Select to unwrap doc-literal operations.

Namespace Mapping

Maps API namespaces to Java packages.

EJB Link

The Enterprise Java Bean links you want to use for transaction processing.

Servlet Link

Java servlet linking for the generated service.


If selected, ReadyAPI appends the specified links to an existing file. Otherwise, the file is overwritten.

Custom Args Tab

On the Custom Args tab, you can specify tool arguments you cannot configure using the dialog options. Use the Tool Args edit box to specify command-line arguments for the tool.

The Custom Args tab

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