Applies to ReadyAPI 3.9, last modified on July 30, 2021

The Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) tool helps you quickly bind XML schemas and Java representations and makes it easy for Java developers to incorporate XML data in Java applications.

For details, see Oracle documentation.

You can download the latest JAXB version from the official website.

Basic Tab

On the Basic tab, you can configure the export parameters.

The Basic tab

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Option Description


The path to the definition file to use.

Use cached WSDL

Select to use the WSDL definition cached in ReadyAPI.


The full path to the output folder.


The name of the target package.

Binding files

The comma-separated paths to binding files the service uses.


The path to catalog files for external entity references.


The path to the user class files.

HTTP Proxy

HTTP/HTTPS proxy credentials.

Format: [user[:password]@]proxyHost[:proxyPort].


Select to make the generated files read-only.

No Validation

Select to disable strict validation of schemas.

Disable NPA

Select to disable generation of annotations on the package level.


Select to show additional information on the generated service.

Custom Args Tab

On the Custom Args tab, you can specify tool arguments you cannot configure using the dialog options. Use the Tool Args edit box to specify command-line arguments for the tool.

The Custom Args tab

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