Code Generation in ReadyAPI

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.10, last modified on October 07, 2021

With code generation tools, you can create service code from the service specification. You can configure the options of these tools in the ReadyAPI interface.

The code generation tools are not bundled with the ReadyAPI installation. You need to download and install these tools separately. You must also specify the installation location of the tools you want to use in the ReadyAPI.

Supported Code Generation Tools

 ReadyAPI supports the following code generation tools for SOAP services:

You can also generate a REST service code by using the following tool:

Before Using Code Generation Tools

To use a code generator, make sure to configure the path to the tool. You can do this in the tool dialog or in ReadyAPI preferences.

The Tools button

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Caching Definitions

If the current interface documentation file was cached, ReadyAPI will provide an option to use either the cached definition or the online version.

If you use the cached definition, ReadyAPI will first export it to a temporary directory and specify as the definition location.

Custom Arguments For Code Generation

All tool dialogs have the Custom Args tab, where you can specify custom arguments for the tool.

The Custom Args tab in the Oracle Artifacts dialog

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Depending on the tool, there may be options for both Java custom arguments and ReadyAPI custom arguments.

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