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Your Product Trial Checklist

1. Envision Your Future


Welcome to QAComplete

Thank you for signing up for a trial of QAComplete - our powerful and flexible test management tool.

Below, you will find resources that will help you hit the ground running and immediately experience the benefits of QAComplete.

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2. Getting Started With QAComplete

First-Time Setup


Tester-Centric Workflows

QAComplete was designed with testers in mind. We’ve taken the hassle out of creating, executing and tracking tests and delivered a solution that allows testers to work efficiently and effectively. Import existing test cases or quickly build out tests from scratch by reusing test steps and test cases. Establish test suites out of manual and automated tests, schedule automated test runs and link items to generate traceability across your testing cycle.

Unconstrained Data Models

We believe our tools should work for you, not the other way around No matter what development methodology you use—agile, waterfall, or a blend of the two—QAComplete can be tailored to work with your existing environment, rather than forcing you to build a new process around the tool.

3. Customize QAComplete to Your Needs

Point and Click Customization

From creating custom workflows and fields to personalizing views; it’s easy and intuitive to mold QAComplete to fit your testing style.

Plus, QAComplete fits easily into your overall development environment, as we integrate with an extensive array of third-party tools, including JIRA, Bugzilla, VersionOne, Visual Studio, Subversion and more. 


4. Report On Your Results

Powerful Reporting

With QAComplete, you can get a complete view of test coverage, defect trending, and sprint status, helping you take back control of your testing efforts.

  • Create custom dashboards and reports in a clean, modern user-interface, helping you communicate results within your team and your organization.
  • QAComplete comes with over 50 reports and dashboards out of the box, instantly letting you see the results of your initial projects and tests.
  • Dashboards and reports can be saved at the user level, letting your entire team track their own progress based on their specific needs.