Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

About LoadComplete

SmartBear LoadComplete is a load testing tool for creating and running automated load tests for web servers and services. With this tool, you can see how your web server handles a massive load, determine its robustness, and estimate its scalability. To do this, you need to create a test by recording actions you perform over web pages, and then simulate these actions with a great number of virtual users working simultaneously. Each virtual user simulates a recorded scenario, and the test simulates a real-life massive load on the server. LoadComplete collects various server metrics. You can monitor them during the test run, or you can analyze detailed test results for the generated traffic later.

Use QAComplete with LoadComplete

QAComplete boosts your testing capabilities by helping you to:

  • Organize and track the testing process from start to finish.

  • Plan, understand and manage tests to make better release conditions.

  • Get insight into requirements traceability and test case status within and across releases.

  • Report and track defects using build-in defect management.

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