About Calendar

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

The calendar feature allows teams to share calendars and keep all their appointments and to-do list items on-line.

To access your calendar, select Calendar in the Home, Contacts, or Shared Documents drop-down menus on the main toolbar of QAComplete.

To add a new appointment:

  1. Click New Appointment on the toolbar.

  2. Specify appointment details:

    • Date – Required. Set an appointment date manually (use the MM/DD/YYYY format) or pick up it by clicking .

    • Time – Required. Set an appointment start time.

    • Duration – Specify how long the appointment will continue.

    • Task – Required. Enter an appointment purpose.

    • Description – Enter some information about the appointment.

    • Show Time As – Select your availability status during the appointment. Possible values: Blocked (Private Appointment), Busy, Free.

    • Reminder – Set the time to be notified before the appointment.

  3. Click Submit.

The Add Tasks form

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You can also switch between daily and monthly view with the corresponding buttons on the toolbar and manage your appointments.

The monthly view

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