Features Added to QAComplete 9.7.0, April 2012

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
  • New Releases Feature

    • Using the new Releases screen, you can organize requirements, tasks, test sets and defects into a release, iteration, or build.

    • The updated navigation panel allows you to filter items specific to a release, iteration, or build.

  • New Test Management provides a robust organizational tool for your Test Library.

    • Test steps are written in a new, easy to use grid like format
    • Tests are organized into test sets to run against your latest build
    • Test configurations allow you to repeat test runs under various configurations or environments
    • Tests can be passed or failed at each step
    • When a test fails during a run, you can automatically create a linked defect
    • The Test by Last Run Status dashboard chart allows filtering by release
  • Additional features:

    • Copy/Paste Folder Structure: Right-click on any folder structure in the navigation panel to the left, select copy, then you can paste the structure across entities – or across projects.

    • Multi-Select Traceability: In the Link to Items dialog, use new checkboxes to multi-select items in one step. The dialog will remember your last selection, making it easy to link related items.

    • Add Linked Item: From any Edit form, you can quickly create a new linked item of any type – create a requirement from a defect, a defect from a test, a test from a requirement – and the items are automatically linked together.

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