Features Added to QAComplete 12.90, September 2021

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024

SaaS 12.90

  • This version includes a number of performance improvements.

  • A bug reported by our customers has been fixed.

On-Premises 12.90

  • Overall improvements:

    • QAComplete now notifies you when another user changes an item you are editing. You can review those changes in a new tab and either overwrite those changes with yours or reload the data (in this case, your unsaved changes will be lost).

    • The test editor has the new Used In tab that displays a list of test sets and tests that call the current test.

    • You can now print and export dashboard chart data. Clicking the print button on the chart toolbar opens a printer-friendly page containing the chart and its drill-down data. You can print this page or export it to PDF using your browser’s built-in "save as PDF" functionality.

    • When restarting a test set that has changed (for example, new tests were added or the test order was changed), you can choose whether to run the set with or without those changes.

  • The following screens have a new look:

    • Tools > Manage Workflows

    • Home > Email Alerts

  • A bug reported by our customers has been fixed.

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