Bug Fixes in QAComplete 9.9.5 - Nov, 2014

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-408 Agile Tasks Display the number of attached files on the Agile Tasks screen and on the Files tab.
QAC-117 Automatic Backups Automatic Backup service corrected to ensure backups are successfully sent.
QAC-198 Browser Support After applying bullets or numbering, ensure font is not changed in Chrome.
QAC-356 Browser Support Allow opening of items from any column (not only the pen icon) in Chrome 37/38 and Firefox 32/33.
QAC-392 Dashboard Correct the Test Runs by Requirement dashboard.
QAC-422 Dashboard (On-premises only) Provide StackedBar2D option in dashboard maintenance.
QAC-119 Email Alerts Ensure daily and weekly summary reports are successfully sent.
QAC-343 Export Exporting Users, visible fields only: ensure email address is exported.
QAC-362 General Prevent erroneous Connection Error pop up window.
QAC-313 General Improve the display of international characters in project names.
QAC-200 History Correct th eFast Edit > Move to another project option so the History is moved along with the selected items.
QAC-139 Reports Releases selector was disappearing on ad-hoc personal report request form.
QAC-144 Reports Return tests linked to requirements on the Release report.
QAC-205 Reports Allow temporary filter in ad-hoc detail reports.
QAC-206 Reports Releases selector was disappearing on ad-hoc personal reports.
QAC-232 Reports Release Drill Down report must include the list of linked defects.
QAC-341 Reports Format of Test Date Last Run on Ad Hoc test runs report does not match test library information.
N/A Test Management Added Show Traceability to the Actions menu for configurations.
QAC-201 Test Management Clean up empty Step box when navigating away from the Edit Test form.
QAC-260 Test Management Allow up to 255 characters in the URL, UNC, or local path for automation.
QAC-272 Test Management Add color-coding to the Run History listing: green for passed, red for failed, black for other.
QAC-275 Test Management Add the precise start time and end time to the Run History screen.
QAC-287 Test Management When editing steps, highlight the fields than have more than 4000 characters.
QAC-310 Test Management Typo on linked test hosts corrected.
QAC-321 Test Management Track agent status on QAComplete side to ensure the test host status is correct.
QAC-322 Test Management Add the precise start time and end time to the Run History screen.
QAC-360 Test Management On Test Schedules, rename Date Last Run to Date Last Launched for clarity.
QAC-197 Test Runner Test runs returned the erroneous Invalid Status Code error and could not be saved.
QAC-342 Test Runner Clarify instructions on the Test Runner to ensure a release is selected first.
QAC-209 Web Service (psWS) Attachments: The web service was not cropping the Title field, causing the attachment to not upload.

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