Bug Fixes in QAComplete 9.9.0 - Aug, 2014

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
803035 Active Directory An Active Directory user: first login returns error.
803070 Attachments Cannot open the Files tab on a specific release using Internet Explorer or Chrome.
803243 Attachments Cannot attach empty TXT file: QAComplete says invalid characters in filename.
803072 Automatic Backups The automatic backup file missing comma between last two columns.
803100 Choice Lists The Manage Choice Lists screen in Defects did not allow Defects as a value.
803175 Custom Fields Numeric custom field does not accept 0 as a valid value when field is required.
803344 Custom Fields Custom field based on another field returns incorrect data.
803099 Dashboards Manage Dashboard Charts: Chart data SQL limit is 8000 characters, but DB column is varchar(max).
803417 Email Web service sends email alerts from [email protected].
803273 Filters Filter in ad-hoc report crashes when searching for projects with more than 100 projects.
803275 Filters Filtering on Test Run By crashes the browser.
803409 Filters Ensure filtering on custom Date fields works correctly in test sets.
803276 Global Sorting grid by Date fields, also some other fields, crashes.
803352 Import and Export Cannot import CSV file with sample code in it: returns SQL error encountered.
802298 List Manager Lists: Auto fill from recent for project specific lists show data from other project.
803337 Login Trial users cannot log in to paid account.
803074 Project Management Cannot find requirements to link to project plan tasks using Internet Explorer.
803220 Releases Count of releases in folders is incorrect when using child folders.
803004 Reports Direct Insite Custom report missing project code for project plan tasks, thus does not match a query.
803012 Reports Security report by user does not respond to user selection.
803043 Reports Linked items disappear from Ad Hoc reports after paging.
803045 Reports Template of Security report by user should be the same for agSP and other databases.
803064 Reports A custom field is not available on Ad Hoc Defect Detail report, but it matches across all projects.
803097 Reports Test Library Detail by Owner report crashing.
803239 Reports Emailing an ad-hoc detail reports sends an empty email.
803085 Setup If a project has an apostrophe in its name, the left navigation panel did not load.
798647 Team Task Board Tasks in inactive projects show up on the team task board.
803047 Test Library The value of the Version Updated By field is incorrect when steps are changed.
803053 Test Library (On-premises only) Imported users do not show up in the Owner drop-down list in the Test Library.
803350 Test Runner Date Last Run on the Test Runner does not use the date format specified in Setup.
803084 Traceability Link to Item (releases): Cannot enter item title or ID.
803351 Traceability Linking to contacts displays contacts incorrectly.
803101 WebService(psWS) LoadByCriteria methods should return 0 when nothing found instead of null.

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