Bug Fixes in QAComplete 9.8.7 - Dec, 2013

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022
Id Functional Area Summary
801404 Active Directory Error when a user logs in using LDAP for the very first time.
801374 Agile Tasks Estimated hours remaining was not calculated when adding a new agile task.
802002 Agile Tasks Custom fields were being cleared when hours were posted and calculated.
801529 Attachments If the file name included an ampersand (&), the upload returned an error.
801833 Attachments When replacing attachments on upload, ensure the date uploaded is correct.
801306 Automation Bridge Prevent the erroneous You are not authorized to use Automated Testing Bridge message.
801214 Custom Fields Ensure that custom field data is cleaned up when deleting a custom field.
801831 Custom Fields The Test Library custom field based on another field not returning correct data.
801975 Defects Specific defects could not be edited.
801578 Folders Folders missing in the drop-down list.
801530 Left Navigation Certain steps caused the navigation panel to constantly return to grouping, not folders.
801353 Lists Quick Search on All Including Notes crash.
800991 Project Management, Security Error in project plans on the Releases tab due to a specific security definition.
801944 Releases Posting hours to a requirement updates hours on the release.
801733 Reports Agile Task Ad Hoc Detail report ignored the selected release.
801783 Reports Ad-Hoc Personal reports missing releases and linked items.
801401 Reports Use date format from Setup on custom fields in Ad Hoc reports.
801336 Security The Read Only permission to test versioning allowed updating.
801293 Setup Users (On-premises only) Permanently Delete Users returned the 404 Page Not Found error.
801373 Team Task Board Total hours was not including partial hours (less than a full hour worked).
801773 Test Automation Sort by time run correctly.
801604 Test Library Editing tests with 900 steps/
801845 Test Management Remove Move to another Project on the Test Management screen.
801724 Test Runner Allow failing a step in the middle of a test.
801160 Test Sets Cannot edit an inactive test through the Test Set > Tests tab.
801447 Test Sets Adding a new test from within a test set returned an error.
801067 Web Service Unable to lock agile tasks for integrations.

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