Bug Fixes in QAComplete - Feb, 2014

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 19, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
802807 Audits (History) Add audits to record when a security group of a user for a project is changed.
802542 Audits (History) Record the project ID when rights of a user to a project is revoked.
802808 Dashboards Optimize the query on the Test Runs by Requirement dashboard.
802562 Email Fix the Take Me There link for tests and test sets.
802325 Email Update User Email Body: Correct handling URLs and the &ProductWebsite token.
802962 Global Optimize filtering on the Test Management screen.
802228 Global Optimize the process when saving a security group across multiple users at one time.
802470 Import Importing tests: Ensure line breaks are preserved in the step and expected result.
802453 Lists Choice List: List of project users should always return name or null, not zero.
802299 Lists Auto-fill from recent should display items in date created descending order.
802297 Login Default text for email notification when licenses are maxed out.
800761 Project Management Ensure that all team member calendars are updated from the standard calendar.
802395 Project Management Ensure the standard calendar is applied to all team members as they are added to project plans.
802794 Releases Add paging to the Traceability screen for performance reasons.
802026 Releases Allow deleting an iteration when nothing it linked to it.
802397 Reports Display and export the entire Latest Note field on the Ad Hoc Detail reports.
802126 Reports Correct the custom field selection on the filter for Ad Hoc Test Set Summary report
802023 Reports Add the description to the error logs when saving as a spreadsheet.
801841 Reports Optimize the Ad Hoc Detail Requirement report for performance reasons.
802357 Screen Layouts Allow hiding system calculated fields on the Workflows screen.
802852 Security Ensure permission to project plans is persisted when other security changes are made.
802128 Support Manager Allow more than 8000 characters in the Description field.
801845 Test Management Restore the Fast Edit deletion functionality in the Test Library and handle exactly like Delete.
802355 Test Management Do not include zero run times for incomplete tests when calculating the average run time.
802270 Test Management Rename one of the Is Active columns on the Tests tab in the test set Edit form to Test Is Active.
801929 Test Management Paging arrows were causing an error using Firefox 24.
802314 Test Management Prevent the empty error pop up when saving run progress (correct average run time calculation).
802576 Test Management Correct the handling of the empty step warning when editing test steps.
800672 Test Management Prevent duplication of tests when creating sets with auto-fill from recent.
802210 Test Management End as Passed was not updating the number of tests on Test Run HIstory.
801894 Test Management The Assigned To drop-down list in the Test Runner was not responding to the down arrow.
802323 Traceability When selecting tests, ensure that the selected columns return data (Last Run Release).

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