Bug Fixes in QAComplete 12.20 - Jun 14, 2019

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-11640 Backups Fixed: Sometimes, QAComplete sent weekly backups incorrectly.
QAC-11501 Dashboards Fixed: It was impossible to filter the Test Execution Progress chart by release.
QAC-11638 Defects Fixed: In defects created automatically during test runs, the Actual Result field was populated incorrectly.
QAC-7445 Fast Edit Fixed: Long folder names were not visible on the Fast Edit screen.
QAC-7465 Fast Edit Fixed: The settings specified in the workflow configuration were not applied to Fast Edit.
QAC-8360 Fast Edit Fixed: If an item list was filtered by keywords, this was not reflected on the Fast Edit screen.
QAC-8961 Fast Edit Fixed: If the Show Inactive Items option was enabled on screens with the new UI, the inactive items were not present on the Fast Edit screen.
QAC-11636 Fast Edit Fixed: The Update a phrase in multiple items functionality in Fast Edit worked incorrectly upon changing character capitalization.
QAC-11574 Filters Fixed: In the new UI, the Begins with filter condition was unavailable.
QAC-11652 New UI Fixed: If a user selected  Tools > Show Traceability multiple times, several instances of the Actions column appeared on the item list screen.
QAC-11610 Projects Fixed: In some cases, it was impossible to delete a project from QAComplete.
QAC-11610 Reports Fixed: In some cases, the Tests linked to requirements field was generated empty for the Release Report legacy report.
QAC-11628 Reports Fixed: In some cases, reports saved dates in a format other than the one specified in Setup.
QAC-11655 Reports Fixed: In some cases, legacy release reports did not show the tests linked to the release.
QAC-11405 Test Library Fixed: In some cases, it was impossible to close the test step editor if a user had pressed the Tab key multiple times on the Steps tab of the Edit Test Set form.
QAC-11622 Test Library Fixed: In Internet Explorer, the field editor on the Steps tab of the Edit Test Set form collapsed unexpectedly upon multiple clicks.

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